Site Editor

Need a new page quick? Click the “Create New Page” button, enter your content, and save. The new page appears instantly and fits seamlessly with the rest of your site. Insert images, create hyperlinks, lay out tables, update copy—these functions and countless others are as simple as your favorite word processing program. We’ve even made it easy to optimize your site for search engines.


Not only does FlightDeck keep all your lead and contact information in one place, it automatically organizes your “Contact Us” submissions into an easy-to-read, easy-to-sort spreadsheet. This lets you tell at a glance which leads are hottest, which ones are waiting for a response, and what products and services your customers are most interested in.

RSS Feeds

When you have an important update to your site, don’t just wait for customers to happen upon it: Use our RSS feed tool so subscribers are informed immediately.


FlightDeck makes it simple to determine who’s viewing your site. Well, we don’t necessarily know their names, but we know where they’re located, what pages they’re reading (and how long they’re staying on each page), and what keywords they’re using to find you. With this information, you can target your marketing efforts accurately and efficiently.


FlightDeck is easily expandable and can be customized with a variety of applications specific to your business. Our inventory management add-on, for example, will save you hours of data entry, while our events calendar helps keeps customers apprised of what’s on the horizon.